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Top 5 Rear Facing Limits for 3-in-1 Car Seats

3-In-1 Car seats could be the only car seat you need, depending on how long you want to leave your child rear facing.
Experts recommended at least 1 year but they are saying as long as possible is better and safer for our children.
3-In-1 Cars seats don’t go as high rear facing as Convertible seats do, so you need to make the decision on what you think is right. (more…)

Top 5 Rear Facing Weight Limits For Convertible Car Seats

britax advocateFor those who like me don’t know what combination car seats are.
They are designed to be used from birth as rear facing then they face forward for your toddler. (more…)

Why I Love Travel Systems!! A review on the Chicco Cortina System…

Now I wish I’d done my homework before Jack was born. From what I have read travel systems are FANTASTIC!! (more…)

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