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Healthy Nearly Sugarless Muesli Bars For Your Kids

So I’ve been doing some research on healthy baking for Jack and have come up with a few recipes which I will be trying out over the next wee while. (more…)

5 Days Of Christmas – Day 5

Wish Mine Looked Like These... Beautiful

So here we are at day 5 already. This one I’m also planning to give it ago as it seems like something fun to try and will test my skills in the kitchen…. (more…)

5 Days Of Christmas – Day 4

You will start seeing these shortly… Packaged so pretty and tempting but with a price tag to match… (more…)

5 Days Of Christmas – Day 3

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Everyone likes home baking there is something special in the way it tastes, smells and looks… And it makes a wonderful tasty Christmas gift for people. (more…)

5 Days Of Christmas – Day 2

Pasta Machine

Atlas Pasta Machine

When I was on maternity leave I got into a lot of baking and trying new things that I wouldn’t usually make and mostly turned out well. (more…)

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