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Personalised Baby Gifts

Babies can be difficult to buy for. Many of us want to celebrate this most special arrival with a gift of some kind, but there are few presents you can give to a baby which they will appreciate. It’s well known that babies will ignore the carefully crafted gift and instead enjoy the cardboard box or another otherwise boring item. Finding something which they like is one thing, but finding something which they can enjoy and which will last, well that’s another.

courtesy of treehouse1977 on Flickr

At this point many people give up and buy a present for the parents instead. (more…)

The Single Mom’s Ingredients to Running the Household

I am a single working mom that has many responsibilities and have just taken on another by going back to school for my Bachelors of Science in Nursing Degree. Between work, keeping up with the kids and their schedules, household chores, classes, I am often asked how I juggle it all. To be honest I use to ask myself the same question many times. Every parent wishes they had superpowers and I am one of them! (more…)

Adventures in Guest Blogging, by Stace

I feel only the slightest skerrick of shame in admitting that my daughter Elspeth is, and always has been, sustained primarily by pre-prepared, shop-bought baby foods. This never really seemed a problem. After all, I read the ingredients to be sure that there are no nasty chemicals and that it’s all healthy, full of vegetables and so on. (more…)

Guest Bloggers Wanted

unfortunately having a child doesn’t come with a manual….


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