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5 Days Of Christmas – Day 3

Christmas Cookie Cutters

Everyone likes home baking there is something special in the way it tastes, smells and looks… And it makes a wonderful tasty Christmas gift for people. (more…)


Ho Ho Ho…. 6 Weeks To Go…. 5 Christmas Budget Tips…

Pre-Lit Mixed Tip Cascade Tree

Oh Christmas Tree....

This year I am truly looking forward to Christmas.. It will be Jack’s first and he will be about 11 months old by then. It’s so far been very hard to not go overboard on presents for him as to be totally honest he will probably love the paper and boxes more than the actual gifts.

The one thing I am dreading is the cost of the whole thing this year, so a plan of attack needs to be put into place to cut costs, probably like most families out there – things are tight and a budget or some form of attack needs to be put into place…. Bah!…Humbug! (more…)

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