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2 yearsIn 2013 this stuff happened in no particular order or relevance just what Google informed me –

Obama’s second term started, A change at the Vatican, Prince George Alexander Louis arrived, Boston Bombings, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, James Gandolfini, Paul Walker died, The Wolf Of Wall street, Frozen, The Hunger Games, We’re the Millers were all released and it’s the last time I posted on here…



Tuesday – Guest Blogger Day

I’ve decided that Tuesday’s are going to be dedicated to guest bloggers, that way you get to read other parents insights and not just my ramblings and point of views on how things are in the parenting world. (more…)

Babybjorn Travel Light Crib VS BabyBjorn Travel Light Crib 2….

Babybjorn have now released version 2 of their fantastic Travel Crib. If you are in the market for a portacot/travel crib then I strongly suggest doing your homework… Trust me from experience you want one that is: (more…)

Cake baking for your child’s birthday… Tips, plus Jack’s first birthday cake Mickey Mouse!

Birthday cake Mickey MouseJack recently had his first birthday, it was a wonderful day spent at the zoo with family. Lunch was brought from home by everyone and I also spent 5 hours making a cake for him… YES 5 hours!!! (more…)

Department 56… WoW

Department 56 Santa's Wonderland house

Since I’ve been on the hunt for presents and Christmas related things to decorate the house. I’ve come across Department 56… I never knew they existed and if I had loads of money I think I could be come quite addicted to buying these. (more…)

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