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Baby Bjorn Potty Chair Giveaway!

Baby Bjorn Potty ChairIt’s toilet training time in our household at present… First time parent, first time doing this. So thought why not have a giveaway for those parents who are looking at potty training in the next 6 months or so. Enter today for your very own Baby Bjorn Potty Chair! (more…)


5 Tips To Get Your Toddler To Eat More Solids And Give Up That Bottle!!

5 Tips To Get Your Toddler To Eat SolidsTo be honest don’t know if this is a usual occurrence for other parents or not but wanted to share what has helped me get Jack to give up the bottle and eat more solids! (more…)

A Home Away From Home With Baby Bjorn Travel – My Review

Baby Bjorn Travel CribSo I want to paint a picture or 2 for you first…

You’re doing your first cross-country trip with your baby… You travel all day in the car, get to your destination… You’re tired, your spouse is tired what more your baby is tired all you want to do is eat and sleep… Now it’s time to sort out your portacot/crib… Or use the hotels crib/cot (if they have one) Your current crib has loads of instructions and takes about 15 minutes to set up…  Who wants that??? (more…)

A Sanity Review on BabyBjorn BabySitter Balance…

BabyBjorn BabySitter BouncerI remember reading forums, web-pages and books on what to expect once our baby had arrived.
I thought I was prepared… I was ready….I knew it would be different…. (more…)
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