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Top 5 Classic Books to Read to Your Children

shutterstock_104294405In the age of the computer and television, few children read as much as they used to.

In our own youth, we would spend hours upon hours with our noses in a book or listening intently as our parents read us a bedtime story. But why did we ever lose this? (more…)


Storing baby ‘stuff’ between babies

Babies come with a lot of stuff and require even more as they grow older. It is wasteful to get rid of the clothes especially if you plan on having more children. The best solution for the clothes your child has outgrown would be to find suitable storage space, for when they’ll be needed in the future. There are various ways of utilizing the available space in your house or creating space within the existing space. (more…)

Which bed for your baby?

Your baby’s bed will be one of your biggest expenses, so you’ll want to make sure that you get it right. The different sleeping options are endless, you could start with a moses basket before moving to a rocking crib, then a cot then to a toddler bed… We’re going to look through some of the options available to help you decide what will be best for you. (more…)

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep through the Night

Stork 4-In-1 Crib

Stork 4-In-1 Crib

Having a baby crying through the night will no doubt disturb your own sleep patterns leaving you feeling tired and unable to function. You’re not alone if you’re having difficulty getting your baby to sleep through the night. Around ¼ of children under five have sleep problems leaving their parents looking for help. Here are a few different sleep strategies to try out to see which suits your little one. (more…)

Tuesday – Guest Blogger Day

I’ve decided that Tuesday’s are going to be dedicated to guest bloggers, that way you get to read other parents insights and not just my ramblings and point of views on how things are in the parenting world. (more…)

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