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2 yearsIn 2013 this stuff happened in no particular order or relevance just what Google informed me –

Obama’s second term started, A change at the Vatican, Prince George Alexander Louis arrived, Boston Bombings, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, James Gandolfini, Paul Walker died, The Wolf Of Wall street, Frozen, The Hunger Games, We’re the Millers were all released and it’s the last time I posted on here…

OMG seriously 2 years ago, I had to do a double take at that! Date in fact was 07.09.13.

It really doesn’t feel like that long since my last post but the dates don’t lie, It has been! I’m sorry for my slackness there is no excuse. If there was maybe it’s just that time flies when your having fun or maybe just when you have a child, two dogs and working full time plus trying to create another blog about eating a Paleo and Primal way of life, all of it just keeps you busy (oh and before you ask about this other blog it’s still a work in progress and has been for along time…probably 2 years :-), now it will take even longer as some blinking hackers have gotten in there and mucked it up.. Arghhh, I’ll let you know when it’s fixed up if you are interested, if I continue with it, I’m bit undecided).

Anyway I am back now and 100% committed to get this blog up and running again with all new tips, tricks, routines, motherhood in general, lifestyle choices, of course product reviews and anything else that takes my fancy.

So where am I at you maybe wondering? Well Jack is now 4 years old and goes to school next year WOW. I have also recently gone on maternity leave and have welcomed our second child into the family, Miss Olivia now 8 weeks old and boy is she a totally different kettle of fish to Jack.

We’ve now got a Pigeon pair… have you ever heard of that saying before? Partner and I never have and so many people have said it to us since having Olivia, plus the helpful comment, one boy and one girl we can stop. We are and would have been regardless of the gender of our second baby šŸ˜‰ thanks though. In saying that I do feel blessed to have one of each, pretty special, especially since my other half’s family all breed boys, he’s got all brothers, nephews etc no girls in his family for ages, this one is bound to be a tad bit spoiled then I’m sure.

I’m looking forward to regular blogging here again, looking forward to discussing baby wearing, baby swings, playmats, plus loads more and as always thank-you for taking the time to read Child Gear Reviews.

PS – If you haven’t watched We Are the Millers and love a good comedy then I suggest that.. one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time!

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