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Babies come with a lot of stuff and require even more as they grow older. It is wasteful to get rid of the clothes especially if you plan on having more children. The best solution for the clothes your child has outgrown would be to find suitable storage space, for when they’ll be needed in the future. There are various ways of utilizing the available space in your house or creating space within the existing space.

Storage boxes

One of the most creative and organized ways of creating space within your house is through storage boxes. They come in a variety of shape, size and designs, meant to add a decorative appeal to the room. Storage boxes that stack onto each other are ideal, as they get to contain the items, yet still reduce clutter by saving space. These can be neatly stacked at any corner of any bedroom. You can choose to go for storage boxes that are colorful in order to match the color and theme of the existing decor. They will appear as if they were part of the interior decor all along.

Closet space

Closets can actually accommodate a lot of things if well-organized. In this case, you might need to clear clothes and items that are no longer in use, in order to create more space. Since the clothes for baby won’t be in use in the near future, it is advisable to store them in bags or suitcases in order to prevent damage and keep them clean. Put them in a place that isn’t in your way to avoid disturbance. The top part of the closet is ideal in this case. This also ensures that the baby stuff do not get moved often. The top area is best for breakable items such as crib and toys.

Attic, basement and the garage

The rooms in your house might not have enough space to accommodate storage items, but there is no need to worry. Most people overlook the basement, attic and unused garage space. These are ideal for storing baby items for future use. In this case, set time apart and clean out these areas so as to keep the baby stuff neat and safe. The garage can easily accommodate baby cribs, play pens and other heavy and bulky things. There is even no need to dismantle the items if you choose to go for such spacious storage spaces.

Self storage unit

You can rent out a storage space outside your home for unused baby stuff. These are normally let for long durations of time hence leaving you with nothing but time as you wait for their use. The charges also depend on the amount of space as well as the location. Self storage units are spacious enough for this purpose and ensure that your house stays free from clutter. If you are not sure how this is functioning check out KSS from Auckland to get more information.

Creating space to store baby items might be quite difficult especially if you have no more room left in your house. But as the child grows they require new furniture, toys and equipment which require even more space. So better think in advance and make space while you still have time!

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