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Magenta the elephant and her very healthy tale is a must read for your kids.

I must admit that I am a wee bit biased towards this book as it’s dedicated to my son… My mum, his grandmother is the author. But even if the author wasn’t family I’d still recommend it to parents out there that would like to teach the value of healthy eating to their children.

The book starts out with Magenta on a boat visiting towns, spreading the joys of healthy eating with others until she comes across a town that’s not so healthy until they meet Magenta.

beautifully illustrated, nicely written and a really loveable character. It’s free at the moment so get in quick but don’t worry if you miss out on the free promotion as it’s only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle anyway… Well worth the money if you ask me!

Author Sue Woledge’s blurb on the book –

This is a rhyming story of Magenta the Elephant and how she helps the people in the town of Mt Snifference to change the way they eat and improve their health and their happiness by switching from eating junk foods to eating real foods – fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices.

There is so much mis-information today and marketing of processed foods disguised as ‘healthy options’ that children are growing up in a world where it’s easy to be confused about what healthy eating is. This story is promoting real, unprocessed foods which are the only truly healthy diet options.

The book is appropriate for young children, possibly ages 2 to 10 years (specifically 4-8 years) depending on their maturity and being a rhyming story that includes a little humour makes it more appealing to a wider age range.

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