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Very interesting article to read about the new law’s in California regarding Booster seats and age limits. Suggest reading this if your in California and unsure as it’s very informative read!

Jadabug's Baby Boutique

Booster Seat, Jadabugs Baby BoutiqueStarting August, you can be ticketed for failing to have your children secured in booster seats in the back seat until their 8th birthday. We have included the original article below as well as a link to the CA Highway Patrol’s video featuring a law enforcement officer’s demonstration of a car seat installation for your convenience.

The new California Booster Seat Law prohibits parents, guardians, or drivers from transporting on a highway in a motor vehicle any child under 8 years old without securing that child in a child restraint meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards.
The new child safety seat law, which went into effect in January 2012, imposes stiff fines and penalties for violations, including the possibility of child endangerment charges.

The old California Booster Seat Law had required a child under 6 years of age, who weighed less than 60 pounds, to be secured in a rear seat in a…

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