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5 Tips To Get Your Toddler To Eat SolidsTo be honest don’t know if this is a usual occurrence for other parents or not but wanted to share what has helped me get Jack to give up the bottle and eat more solids!

We started Jack on solids at about 7 months and for the most part he was doing really well but then he got to just over 1 and decided that he preferred the bottle over solids…. He also kept getting sick at daycare so I found it easier to give him the milk vs the solids as that way I knew at least he was getting some nutrition into him.

He is now 18 months old and a few weeks ago he was having about 6-8 bottles a day/night and so I decided that’s enough he’s got to eat more actual food!!

So I’ve been speaking with other parents and doing my research on how to get him to give up the bottle and prefer food…. It’s a hard thing to do and I will be honest we’ve had a few rough days/nights but it’s finally working.

So if you have a child that’s like this and could use some tips or advice here’s what has worked for us:

1.  Cut out one or two bottles during the day first:

That way it if they don’t eat very much it should only affect their day sleep vs their night at this stage. After a few days we then stopped his bottle before his day nap and so now he is down to only .5 bottle in the morning and one before bed.

2.  Offer a small snack and water in their bottle to counteract those missing bottles:

Having water in his bottle has really helped the process of switching as he is able to have a drink when he wants and not have it all at once making him full like milk.

3.  Set regular meal times:

Jack now has a better meal routine – up about 7.30am has half a bottle about 150ml, then breakfast at 9.30am, snack about 11am and then lunch about 12pm. When he wakes he has a snack straight away then 5pm has a piece of fruit, 6.30pm dinner then bottle before bed.

4.  Have an area set aside for them to eat and keep it consistent:

We have a high chair or his little seat for eating and that’s it.Baby Fork And Spoon

5. Letting them feel like a big kid plus giving them variety:

One of the biggest things I have found that has really helped is letting Jack use a baby fork or spoon and not his hands to eat.  I think he watches us and wants to be like us so it’s been a huge help! We also give him a variety of foods at the main meals. For example for lunch he might have half a sandwich, some dried fruit, carrot sticks etc

But as always for kids what is working this week might not work next or what works for me might not for you! Good luck and would love to hear how you go or any other tips you can share!

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  1. Highly valuable content. I will attempt to follow these 5 steps. Thx

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