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Birthday cake Mickey MouseJack recently had his first birthday, it was a wonderful day spent at the zoo with family. Lunch was brought from home by everyone and I also spent 5 hours making a cake for him… YES 5 hours!!! Leading up to his birthday I had so many people asking me what shop was I going to buy his cake from?? I’m not I answered, I’m going to bake it myself.. There is something special in home baking.
Not only do you know what has gone into the cake ( have you read what’s in cake ingredient lists at the supermarket? I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce half of the stuff on there!) but you also have the satisfaction of the end product, knowing you did that and even though I know Jack won’t remember, I will and I think that’s quite important to me.. I will also continue to bake his cakes each and every year.

So you probably sitting here wondering why this cake I baked took 5 hours?

I ended up using a Wilton Mickey mouse cake tin… The first cake I baked was half chocolate and half banana cake… The chocolate part of the cake stuck in the tin!! ( didn’t think about Birthday cakedifferent cooking times did I??)

I couldn’t rescue it… I ended up having to bake another cake this time it was only Banana cake. This took two hours of my time.

Banana Cake Recipe –

100g butter melted

1 Cup of white sugar

3 large banana’s mashed

3 eggs

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 cup of milk

150ml natural yoghurt

2 cups plain flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

1. Beat sugar + melted butter and eggs until thick and creamy

2. Add mashed bananas and beat well

3. heat milk until nearly boiling then stir in baking soda. Put this milk mixture into banana mix

4. Add rest of ingredients, yoghurt, flour and baking powder, mix well.

Once cake batter made put into your tin.. As I said I used a Wilton Mickey Mouse tin which I greased with melted vegetable shortening then sprinkled flour all around the tin and shook out the excess flour.

**Tip** If you are going to use a character Wilton tin I would suggest that you use a pastry brush to brush on the shortening that way you can get it all around the tin, in and out of all the wee grooves.

**Tip** You need to bake a cake that is quite sturdy… I think a mud cake wouldn’t work in a character tin but I could be wrong… If I am please let me know.

I baked the banana cake for 1 hour at 160 degrees… Cake bounces back when cooked. I then left to cool for at least 15 minutes then tipped out to finish cooling.

The Icing…

This took me awhile to complete as well… I didn’t buy the Wilton Icing set for Mickey mouse so had to make up my colors on their own… This was very hard!! Especially the black, it kept going grey.

**Tip** Save yourself the hassle and just buy the Wilton colors for this cake… You won’t be sorry or take as long as I did!!

Wilton colors for Mickey Mouse are :

Black, Red, Light copper (skin tone), Copper and Yellow

**Tip** If you are going to use the Wilton colors and have never done before, these colors are a Gel so the way I mix it into my Butter-cream is with a tooth pick.. You don’t need much to color your icing.

I then made a simple vanilla butter-cream icing and colored Black, green, red, yellow. For the face ( since I didn’t have skin tone I used the butter-cream icing as it was) For the white on the hands, buttons and eyes I just used icing sugar, few drops of water and few drops of lemon juice.

Simple butter-cream – 1 part butter eg 50g butter to two parts icing sugar/powder eg 100g, 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract, warm water to get to the right constancy.

I beat the butter first then slowly add in the sugar then add the extract and water to get the right constancy for piping.

Coloring the cake

6 Piping bags

Wilton tip -3

Wilton tip-16

I started with the green backing first and piped it in with the Wilton tip 3 then smoothed it out with a knife.

Then I did the outline of the features in black with this same tip

Since I was using the black I decided to continue with this ( I only had one coupler so had to wash each time I changed colors same as the tips )

Using tip 16 I then piped little wee stars for each of the colors see video below for a guide –

Your hand gets quite sore by the end of doing this sort of cake but the little stars are very effective and the end result is a WOW from all!!

Here is a link to the Wilton instructions – Wilton Mickey Mouse

You can buy the pans and icing from Amazon and read what others have said about using the products.

Any questions or feedback is always appreciated… Happy Baking!

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