So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

Whether it’s a christening gift or just something to say hello – babies need presents. Buying for babies can be tricky; what will they appreciate? This article should give you some ideas.


It’s something of a clichéd baby present, but mobiles are one of the few items which young babies can genuinely enjoy from their cot. Parents like to provide mobiles for their babies, as many think it helps their eyesight to have moving colours and shapes to look at from their cot. There are all sorts of mobiles available with different patterns, colours and shapes. Try to think beyond pink for girls/blue for boys and get something which any baby can enjoy.


Image used courtesy of supafly


Whether it’s a pram or another type of carrying equipment, parents will always need a method for carrying their little ones around. Some people use large sheets or straps to hold their babies close to their body, while others prefer traditional prams or even back-mounted carriers. Obviously this is a very personal choice for parents, so if you wan to spend a lot of money it’s probably well-advised to consult them on their preferred choice. There’s no doubt it will make a difference to the baby, and the storage space included in a pram can be handy for the whole family.


For a forward-think gift-bearer, financial products, bank accounts and investments are one of the best ways to give a gift that will grow while they grow. The difficulty of course is that babies are unlikely to understand the future benefits of this type of gift, and might seem slightly disappointed with a slip of paper compared to a proper gift. Nevertheless, financial gifts are some of the most considerate and worthwhile gifts which can be given, and can change a child’s life, paying for a first car, gap year or university fees.

Personalised Baby Gifts

Another way to help a gift live on, is to personalise it. Customisation can take a pretty average gift, such as a teddy bear, item of clothing or piece of stationary, and elevate it to a keepsake level. Engravings or sowing can denote the name of a gift-giver, the date of a special occasion or loving messages of encouragement. These types of items can last a long time. Some grown-up women still sleep with a treasured childhood teddy bear gifted to them many years ago, so why not consider personalised baby gifts.

Something to Celebrate

The arrival of a baby is cause to celebrate! A baby gift can be a gift for parents, such as a nice bottle of wine to celebrate the end of the mother’s teetotal pregnancy, or a luxury spa trip or holiday. Parents need to spoil themselves once in a while and this type of gift helps them to.

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