So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

Babies can be difficult to buy for. Many of us want to celebrate this most special arrival with a gift of some kind, but there are few presents you can give to a baby which they will appreciate. It’s well known that babies will ignore the carefully crafted gift and instead enjoy the cardboard box or another otherwise boring item. Finding something which they like is one thing, but finding something which they can enjoy and which will last, well that’s another.

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At this point many people give up and buy a present for the parents instead. Mothers who have been teetotal for nine months might appreciate a tipple, and there is a long list of presents which new parents will appreciate. Useful they may be, but nappies and prams don’t make the most exciting of gifts. The best way to give something which has meaning, which can be treasured and which is individually tailored to the occasion, is to opt for a personalised present. Whether it is jewellery or stationary engraved with special dates or messages, or a cuddly toy with somebody’s name on it, personalised baby presents have the effect of becoming treasured possessions will help the owner be reminded of this special time.

Health and Safety

One of the main things to consider when buying a present for a baby is to ensure that it will actually survive. Remember that anything which resides inside the cot is likely to be chewed, eaten, thrown around and potentially mistreated. Soft, robust toys which can withstand this much love make the best baby presents. Soft textures and bright colours are usually preferred by babies, who can carry on loving their soft toys right into their university days.

Alternatively you could consider gifting items which reside outside the cot, including mobiles which are always a popular choice. Mobiles are designed to give babies something interesting and colourful to watch while they wile away the hours in the cot, snoozing, feeding and cuddling their soft toys. Mobiles are ideal because babies can’t destroy them, as they are attached to the ceiling.

courtesy of meddygarnet on Flickr


Teddy bears and soft toys can become treasured keepsakes, being kept in special places for decades. There are other types of gifts which have this type of staying power, especially if they are customised with names, dates and places. It gives them a timeless quality and it means their origin will always be remembered.

There are loads of great customisable presents out there, including quality stationary, clothing, furniture or musical instruments. Engraving or otherwise personalising an item like this is a great way of ensuring it doesn’t end up as somebody else’s birthday or Christmas present. An engraved pen can travel with a child through school, while baby clothes could end up being worn by siblings, children or soft toys. You could even personalise a bottle of wine if you want it to be cherished for a long time.

If you’re looking for a truly unique baby gift, then consider personalised presents.

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