So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

Department 56 Santa's Wonderland house

Since I’ve been on the hunt for presents and Christmas related things to decorate the house. I’ve come across Department 56… I never knew they existed and if I had loads of money I think I could be come quite addicted to buying these.

I love Christmas, love the build up, love the sparkly tinsel, the baking, the family dinners the whole thing and now I’ve come across these wee ornaments I could seriously go overboard. Imagine one of these being on your Christmas table amongst your family feast??

These are a few I really like and if your anything like me you’ll love them too!!

North Pole Snow Bank

Department 56 North Pole Snow Bank…  The “North Pole Snow Bank” is the place where all good elves save their hard-earned “cold cash”. The lighted interior scene shows the cold cash in the ice vault. This piece, designed and manufactured by Department 56, comes with its own switched cord and bulb.  Avg price Amazon $75, Christmas Chalet $75.

Department 56 Molly O’Briens Irish Pub….This two-story building gives the illusion that people are sitting in it due to a bulb that sits inside the building. It also features a brass plaque that can be personalized. Think this is a very cute collectible and price varies at official site Dept 56 $80 and cheapest is Amazon $55.75.

Your very own Molly O'Briens Irish Pub

Snow Village The Snowman House

Department 56 Snow Village The Snowman House… Adorable is one word that comes to mind with this wee house. This house features snowmen in the front, holiday greenery on the railings and a lighted “Let It Snow” sign on the roof. RRP $100 at Department 56 or Amazon at $77.73.

Department 56 Snow Village Christmas Crafts Cottage ... Last one that I’m going to share… Would love to keep posting but think if you are interested you should have a look for yourself as my taste and yours may differ. This ceramic lighted building features birdhouses and snowman kits on the front porch. Really cute. RRP $80 at Department 56 or Amazon $74.98

Snow Village Christmas Crafts Cottage

So you can now understand or possibly understand how you could spend a fortune collecting these cute wee figurines… Maybe one day…. Happy shopping or in my case window/internet shopping!!




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