So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

You will start seeing these shortly… Packaged so pretty and tempting but with a price tag to match…

Day 4 – Create your own gift Basket.

We once made up a gardening gift basket for a family member which she absolutely loved and once she realized that we had done it she loved it even more.

So don’t buy a ready-made gift basket nor order one, they may look pretty and fancy but to be honest you can make one for possibly half the price and make it more personalized with items that the receiver would actually want or use… Give it ago… Your only limited to your imagination with this one…

Some ideas to get your creativeness flowing are

Gardening – use a pot or a hanging basket – fill with seeds, gardening tools, gloves, ornaments, solar lights, fertilizer, herbs, seedlings…


Chocolate Bucket – for chocolate lovers – Use an everyday bucket,  fill to brim with chocolates of every kind.

One Christmas we did this for my dad.. He’s a choc-a-holic and loved it. Mind you he still didn’t share any!!!

Kitchen – For the basket you could use anything eg colander, pot, dish, then fill up with little kitchen items or treats such as, egg timer, nice set of salad tongs, tea-towels, scales, salt and pepper shakers or grinders, anything that will fit!

Coffee Lover – Buy a large plunger and a set of coffee cups then put inside, bag of fancy coffee and flavored shots.

Pamper Pack – Vase or bowl then fill with stuff like, scented candles, massage oils, bath stuff, body lotions, box of chocolates, nail manicure set… endless here depending on who you are buying the pamper pack for.

Kids Pack – Large Christmas stocking – I’m doing this for Jack this year. I’ve found and brought quite a large stocking which I’m going to fill up with lots of little presents and toys for him. Not only is it exciting for him to have a stocking but at his age I really think he will enjoy pulling out each present and then the wrapping paper. I’m going to put books, DVD’s, cars etc in there for him.

Fancy Foodies – Cheese Board this one I’d do slightly different and buy a cheese board. I would then buy some fancy food like, cheeses, crackers, jams, maybe a bottle of wine and tie it all together with a ribbon or two.

Home made treats – You could make up a bunch of home-made treats like bread, cakes, slices, jams and bundle together in a container of some sort for a cheaper foodie gift.

As you can see these are just some ideas. It really depends on who you are making a basket for and your budget.

Let me know how you get on with this or any other ideas you would like to share.

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