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Baby Hanging keepsake

As per my previous post Ho ho ho 6 weeks to go.. Christmas for most this year will be a tight one. So I’m going to be posting over the next 5 days Homemade gift making ideas to help cut costs. These can be done by yourself or with children and it will really brighten up the receivers day to know you have gone to the trouble of actually making something rather than just buying it.

DAY 1 – 2012 Calendar

We once received a homemade calendar from a family member who put different photo’s of us on the calendar that were taken though out the year.

Was a really awesome idea and even though this was about 10 years ago we still have the photo’s, we just tore the calendar off.

So this year I’m planning to make a calendar to give to Jacks great grandparents with photo’s of him for each month of the year, along with all of their children’s and grandchildren’s date of birth on it.

I’ve found this great template but you do have to down load it at your own risk… It downloads a Toolbar and it will reset your homepage to theirs if you leave the box when signing up ticked. I didn’t so just have the toolbar.

Not only can you do calendar’s here you can do scrapbooking and post to Facebook etc which is fantastic if you are into that sort of thing.

So I am planing as I said to put a photo of Jack on each page then call it 2012 with Jack and make out that it was him that has made the calendar with comments etc.

Once completed I will print it from home but if you don’t have a good home printer there are loads of places online or even your local photo shop would do it, and doing it like this would work out cheaper than using an online shop to create, print and ship your calendar.

If you do go down this track feel free to share. When I’m done I’ll upload a photo or two.

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