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Pre-Lit Mixed Tip Cascade Tree

Oh Christmas Tree....

This year I am truly looking forward to Christmas.. It will be Jack’s first and he will be about 11 months old by then. It’s so far been very hard to not go overboard on presents for him as to be totally honest he will probably love the paper and boxes more than the actual gifts.

The one thing I am dreading is the cost of the whole thing this year, so a plan of attack needs to be put into place to cut costs, probably like most families out there – things are tight and a budget or some form of attack needs to be put into place…. Bah!…Humbug!

So I have about 15 people I need to get Christmas gifts for plus Christmas day food for two different family events on the day… In the past we have usually left everything to the last moment… And I mean the last moment.

Christmas eve running around like a couple of demonized people, getting stressed with each other and our fellow leave it to the last-minute shoppers… Until we usually end up, not speaking to each other or in minimal yes/no answers then spending way to much and just settling for things to get the process done with.

This year has to be different so I’ve been wracking my brain on how to cut costs and think I have come up a with a few simple solutions….

1. Shop Online NOW

I’ve started to research websites and compare the products to shops and quite often you will find it cheaper online rather than in the shop, plus a lot of the time with free shipping… I’ve started early and started to search though E-Bay as well as Amazon.

2. Sales and Junk Mail

Keep an eye out for sales in your local paper, TV, Radio and all that junk mail that seems to swamp your letter box’s at the moment. I have found some good bargains in there so far.. Just for Jack at this stage.Simple Times Crafts for poor people

3. Crafty or Baking

If you are a bit crafty or have a handle on baking start making your own homemade gifts. I’m planning to make some fresh homemade pasta and gift box them to give to people. I’m looking at a way to try to make the pasta green, red and white… So far no luck so if anybody knows please let me know??? Otherwise it’ll be old friend Google.

Dept 56 Alpine Village

Dept 56 Alpine Village

4. Budget

I’ve created a budget for the whole of christmas and I’m going to stick to it!!! I’ve allowed a certain amount per family member of $20 then associates or friends $10.. That’s the tough one! But going to stick to it!!

5. New Year’s Sales

Every year I say to myself that I’m going to start buying Christmas presents on the sales around New Years but never do. This year or should I say next, is going to be different. I’ve put some money aside to purchase gifts for next Christmas. Usually you can pick up some amazing deals this time of year. So not only am I saving money I will be sorted for next Christmas and will just need to save again for the sales the following year.. Well that’s the plan anyway.

I’d love to hear what you are doing to save money and hassle this Christmas and I’m sure my readers would too!!

Happy Chrissy Present hunting!!mouth blown mercury glass ball ornaments

Comments on: "Ho Ho Ho…. 6 Weeks To Go…. 5 Christmas Budget Tips…" (3)

  1. #4 is actually two steps. a) budget what you are going to spend, & b) STICK to your budget.

    Most folks find “a” fairly easy but then find a “deal they can’t pass up” only to blow their budget.

    – Bryan

    • I couldn’t agree more Bryan. I know I’ve been guilty of this in the past but not this year. As you have said STICK to it! We have another goal in mind that we are saving for next year so I plan to keep this in front of mind when shopping. Cheers Sam

  2. […] per my previous post Ho ho ho 6 weeks to go.. Christmas for most this year will be a tight one. So I’m going to be posting over the next […]

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