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Britax advocateI myself have a Britax car seat, unfortunately not this particular model. I just purchased what was recommend to me at a shop without doing my research first. Not that there is anything wrong with my seat it’s just that 6 months on my son has nearly outgrown it and will be needing another seat. Not great value for money.

So if you are an expecting parent, look and shop around. The Britax Advocate seems to me to be a fantastic seat if you are in the market and it’s packed with loads of safety features. Parents that have brought the Britax Advocate 70 have said it’s one of the safest seats on the market. So here’s a review for you to decided for yourself…

What is a convertible seat and what age is it designed for?

The Britax Advocate 70 CS is a convertible car seat so what this means is it is designed for your newborn up to 70 pounds. Great value for money as it means that you will have a car seat that is able to be used up to roughly the age of 8 or 9 years old.

In the first instance you will be able to place your newborn in the seat rear facing with a minimum weight of 5 pounds.
As your child grows you are still able to keep him or her rear-facing up to 40 pounds or about 4 years old.
This is fantastic as it is highly recommended to keep your child rear-facing for as long as possible, they do say minimum 1 year but it is recommended safer if you keep your child rear facing for long as possible. The American Academy of Pediatrics and other child passenger organizations endorse this.

Rear-facing means that your child’s head is more supported during a crash as their head is 25% of his or her body mass vs. an adults which is only 6%.

Then when they have outgrown the rear-facing mode you are able to turn the car seat into a forward position still with a 5-point harness up to 70 pounds or roughly age of 8 or 9.

The 5- point harness system is also recommended to be the safest way to keep your child harnessed as car seat belts are designed for adults not children.
Fighter pilots and race car drivers use the 5-point harness system so that’s saying something….

What Other Safety Features Has This Seat Got?

So the ultimate job of a car seat is to minimize injury to your little one. Britax state on their website that they do twice as many safety tests that are recommended to be done by NHTA (national highway transport authority)
So safety for them is key as it is for all of us parents.

Safecell Technology?

• In event of a crash SafeCell technology compress lowering your child’s center of gravity and counteracting the forces that push the seat forward helping to minimize your baby’s    movement.
Safecells are located at the bottom of this car seat.

Steel Bars

• Britax have placed Steel bars into this seat which has benefits in two ways.
• Strengthens the connection to the vehicle
• Reduces the forward flexing of your child and keeps them more upright in event of a crash.
These are at the base of the seat and go up though the shell.

Energy Absorbing Versa Tether AKA Webbing

Sounds confusing but in a nut shell the Webbing is a strap that is attached to two points of the Britax Advocate. The strap has a series of loops that are released in the event of a crash.
This benefits your baby/child in a few ways.
• Slows your child down instead of coming to an abrupt halt
• Reduces child’s head movement by 4-6 inches
• Crash force is distributed over entire car shell instead of one area.

Side-Impact Cushion Technology

This technology as states above is designed for side-impact crashes.

It is composed of deep-side walls that are lined with energy absorbing foam which distributes crash force.

How it does this is by the cushions compressing to absorb the crash force and safely expelling air though strategically placed vents which transfer crash energy away from your little one.

It also
• Shields your child from vehicle intrusion eg items coming though side windows that could injure.
• Contains the head, neck and body in proper alignment, it also spreads the force evenly over body so that the crash forces aren’t targeting just one area.
• The cushions on either side of your child are designed to reduce crash energy by 45% WOW. Resulting in fewer head injuries which are the leading cause of death for children in-car crashes.

Click & Safe

Click & Safe Snug Harness indicator is a secondary means of making sure you have the harness to the right snugness to suit your child or baby. It is engineered to sence tension when you pull the adjuster straps to fit your baby in the seat.
It’s quite important as study revealed that 59% of harness’s are fitted too loose which could be potentially life risking.
This indicator is in the seats adjuster housing unit.


Also known as Harness Ultra-Guard System.
This guard comprises of chest pads which when the seat is in forward position this helps to minimize movement in a crash.

Everything Else At A Glance

    – High Density comfort foam to give your child a comfortable ride.
    – Easy to remove and wash cover without disassembling or uninstalling car seat
    – Purchase as additional an infant insert for those smaller babies to make a cozy fit
    – Anti-slip with a contoured base grips and protects your car seat.
    – Harness holders to keep the straps out-of-the-way when placing your child into the seat – this is fantastic feature as it’s quite annoying to have to get the straps out-of-the-way. I know from experience
    – Certified for air travel
      – installation is meant to be easy plus you can download guides from the Britax website.

Comes in 5 colors

Opus Gray, Riviera, Anna, Onyx and Cowmooflage


My only complaint on this seat would be that you will have to wake a sleeping baby to transfer in and out of car and you won’t be able to carry him or her in an infant seat when out and about.

Others have said
“Seats great but bulky”
“ Straps aren’t long enough for bigger children”

Overall most people seem happy with the seat.

What others are saying?

Amazon parents give this seat a 4.4 out of 5 and some of the things they are saying are

“If you’re not familiar with Britax, I believe they are the BEST car seats you can spend your money on. We own a Marathon for our very long 3.5 year old and now that our also very long 10 month old had outgrown her infant carrier, I knew what brand to turn to. Since last having a child, Britax has added some new safety features to their already super safe car seats. :)! I won’t bore you with the logistics of why this is such a safe car seat, you can watch videos and read the research on Britax’s website for yourself (I know I did ENDLESS research as I imagine you’re doing right now :))”
(read full review here)

“Our infant is about to outgrow his Chicco KeyFit30 seat and I read and researched about all the available convertible-type seats and ended up selecting the Britax Advocate 70 CS. The reason why we decided to go with this car seat is that it simply had ALL the features we were looking for – Safety being the top priority, comfort, ease of installation and not to mention stylish!”
(read full review here)

Price, What’s In The Box And Where Can I Buy It?

RRP for this seat is $379.99 and the cheapest I have seen it is onAmazon at $304.99.
In the box is one car seat plus manual.

See more information on the Britax Website or Amazon.

As always any comments or experience with this seat welcomed.

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