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Keepsake memory book

Bound Keepsake Memory Book - First 5 Years

This is something I have started since Jack’s been born. I have actually got a photo album and in the first couple of blank pages have started to write his mile stones. You can’t remember them all! Plus it will give him something to cherish when he is older (hopefully).

Author: Andi

Putting together baby clothes and decorating the nursery are things mothers do out of love during the course of pregnancy. Beginning a baby scrapbook just before the little one arrives may be just as heart-warming and essential for lifetime recollections of that precious time. It’s the time to decide on what crafts you are going to use, what tools you’ll need to put it together, and piecing together your ideas.

Newborn scrapbooking designs should focus on the innocence and beauty of a brand new baby. Whether you choose soft colors in tones of pink and blue, or go with brighter colors, focus on the nature of your baby. Some people enjoy bringing in themes that include the make-believe stork, and other things like bottles, rattles, and cute, fuzzy baby animals.

It’s important to organize the scrapbook by the common achievements babies have – their first words, the first hair-cut, the first laugh, etc… If you want the baby book

Carter Scrapbook Complete Kit

to have tons of memories, be sure to plan for the size, and you’ll be able to include all sorts of things like your baby’s first car ride, your baby’s first steps, and even his or her first ice cream cone.

It’s easy to get caught up in getting everything ready before the baby comes, but the truth is that you really can’t do anything until your newborn is here. However, many people get into their daily routine and they forget to take pictures, to collect items, or even to record special occurrences because people become busy or tired from work. You mustn’t forget to continuously take photos and even take little notes about daily happenings. It may not seem all that important at the time, but 10 years from now you will look back on even t

he tiniest memory and you will hold it so close to your heart and be so grateful that you took those 2 seconds to record in the scrapbook.

Pictures of your baby will be the main focus of your scrapbook, but don’t neglect writing thoughts or jotting down the little things your baby did. And not only record what they did, but also how you felt when they did it. It will be so interesting to look back and see the impact your child had on your lives when you were young parents.

Remember, the scrapbook isn’t just for you. When your baby grows into a child and then into a young man or woman, they will be able to look back and see how much you loved them when they were a baby. Maybe one day they will be able to show the pictures and writings to their kids, and their grand-kids. Yes it’s a long way down the line, but your future family may look at your creation and think that it is worth more than gold. It will be a family treasure for generations to come.

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