So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

So I’m giving away 1 $20 Amazon Gift Voucher for all those parents out there to purchase what you want…

Weather it be something like the Fresh Food Feeder, clothes for your little one or maybe as a part payment on something you have had your eye on or even something sneaky for yourself..

Its simple to enter –

All you have to do is leave a comment regarding being a parent or soon to be parent.. Your tips, tricks and best buys, questions about becoming a parent or what you have recently purchased…

You can leave comments here or anywhere on my blog posts, choice is yours.- Gives you 1 Entry

Or plug me on your blog or website – Gives you 2 Entries

Terms and Conditions –

1. Open to U.S Residents Only

2. You only get 1 entry regardless of the amount of comments you leave

3. Promotion Starts 24th July 2011 and runs till 31st August 2011

4. If you plug me on your website you get 2 entries email me at with the link

5. Winner will be drawn 1st September 2011 and winner will be notified on this blog so make sure you come back to check and see if it’s you that has won!

6. The prize is what it is.. No exchanging for cash or transferring to anybody else..

Any Questions or Comments email me at

If you want to buy a voucher for someone else or want more info just go toĀ  Amazon


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Comments on: "Win A $20 Amazon Voucher – Parents or Soon To Be" (28)

  1. evans s said:

    Toys with small parts or removable parts are not only a choking hazard for young kids but they can also fit small parts into their ears or noses.

  2. Gloria Dornin said:

    I watch my neices and before bed we have quiet time reading

  3. Jessica said:

    Please allow me to win. I’m a teen mom & I need all the help I can get. Please??

  4. sandra said:

    one trick to parenting is to get enough sleep so that you can tolerate the little ones

  5. Leilani said:

    Always keep a diaper bag packed and ready so you can grab it and run out the door. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I just had my third child. To get all of us out the door in an organized fashion, I posted a list on the back of the front door. It has each child’s name and the “must-haves” for leaving the house. For my daughter, it’s her backpack for school. For my 2 year-old, it’s his sippy cup and diapers. For the baby, it’s diapers. This way, we do a quick checkoff before we walk out the door without something. It’s a huge lifesaver!

    • Hi Liz
      That is a brilliant tip! I’ve only got one child but will use this tip myself as going back to work next week and my son will be going to Daycare so want to make sure I have everything I need.

  7. Anissa said:

    I strongly recommend the Baby Bargains Handbook so you know what you don’t really need. It’s like Consumer Reports for the baby crowd!

    • Hi Anissa.. That book sounds great if others out there are interested here is the link to read more about it and purchase if its something you are interested in…. Baby Bargins

  8. I’ve only got a couple more weeks before our second little boy is born! Thought I was so ready, until I found out we’re moving out of the country! So much to stock up on!

  9. when my son and I moved to Mongolia for a few months so I could volunteer at a school, we bonded more than ever. I realized that sometimes you need to take kids out of their little worlds to better bond with you sometimes.

    • This is something we are very interested in doing with Jack. Planning to possibly move to Thailand for a wee while and see how it goes…Glad you and your son bonded more when you moved abroad.

  10. I believe other website proprietors should take this web site as an example , very clean and wonderful user friendly design .

  11. Hand me downs are the best, especially newborn to 18 months!

  12. My tip: Just because it isn’t a toy, doesn’t mean it won’t be entertaining. My two year old played with our GPS the whole time in the car on our most recent road trip. And I only got lost once šŸ˜€

  13. As a first time mom to a darling daughter four years in the making, I cherish each and every moment, both good and bad, with her.

  14. Monica said:

    Hand me downs!

  15. My Tip: Enjoy the ride !!! Parenting is awesome, never lose sight of that. I am the happiest mommy ever, because i try to keep things simple.

  16. serine said:

    this is a great way to purchase the small things that every parent might need

  17. catherine thomas said:

    Shower them with love.

  18. Amy Green said:

    I would say patience and understanding. Children are not miniature adults. They are still growing and learning, and we must remember to treasure each moment as they accomplish a new milestone. Also, have fun! Revel and delight in spending time with them-they won’t stay little forever.

  19. J Starnes said:

    I’ll be a first time mom on or around Christmas Eve! I am so excited and am taking all the tips, tricks, and advise I can get so your site is really helpful, and that giftcard would be helpful too!

  20. Stacy said:

    I’m about to be a first-time Mom and of course I have about a zillion questions, but I am have nieces and nephews that range in age from 2 months to 24 years, so I have some experience with parenting. I’m excited, but will probably be more so as my due date gets closer.

  21. Kate B said:

    My advice – Give yourself a break. There is no perfect parent and every kid is different so even if you have figured it all out once you have another kid all bets are off. Relax and enjoy the ride

  22. jennifer staerker said:

    Bit of advice from mom of 12 yo and 2 yo.
    ~Cherish the good and the bad & don’t forget to take time out for yourself.
    ~Put grapes in the freezer for a healthy, mess free “natural popsicle”. ***Older toddlers only
    ~when your toddler starts to pull diaper off during bedtime (to avoid a horrible mess), Get a zip up sleeper and cut the feet off. Then put it on backwards, he cant get out and too the diaper.

  23. Janice said:

    I would say have fun and do fun things with your kids. Don’t take anything for granted. Make sure to take pictures to keep a nice memory album. They grow so fast and keeping an album or scrapbook is something you’ll always treasure.

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