So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

Baby Bjorn Travel CribSo I want to paint a picture or 2 for you first…

You’re doing your first cross-country trip with your baby… You travel all day in the car, get to your destination… You’re tired, your spouse is tired what more your baby is tired all you want to do is eat and sleep… Now it’s time to sort out your portacot/crib… Or use the hotels crib/cot (if they have one) Your current crib has loads of instructions and takes about 15 minutes to set up…  Who wants that???

The Baby Bjorn could change all of that…

Or another everyday scenario about me…
I have been away from Jack once since he has been born.
His Nanna looked after him for about 6 hours… We didn’t own a portacot at that time and so had to take up his bassinet… Not an easy feat unless you’re lucky like us and have a van…
I couldn’t imagine having to take it with us in the car…
Putting it up once was hard enough.
I have to go back to work soon so between daycare and his Nanna looking after him I think it’s time to invest in a portacot and here’s what I’m going to buy when I have the spare cash –

The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light…

Quality, Safety and Style is Baby Bjorn’s slogan and I couldn’t agree more.
The more I read about their products and read actual reviews, the more I like what they have on offer…
Baby Bjorn works with an International team of Pediatricians and Midwives to make sure that the products they are making and selling are of the highest quality for our precious children.

Safety –

As with everything baby related you want to make sure that what you are buying is safe.

This crib is, here’s why –

•The base has slanting edges to make sure that it stands firmly even if your little one is old enough to be standing in it or leaning against the edges.
•The Mattress has a built-in base which is what keeps your crib on the floor and sturdy.
•Baby Bjorn recommend that you always use the original mattress that it comes with as it is essential to the design and could topple over if another mattress is used.
•There is a mesh around the top of the crib so that you are able to see and make sure your baby is sleeping fine.
•As with all their products the fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 Certified which in our language means that the fabric has been internationally certified to be safe for babies/children even when teething strikes and they want to have a chew or suck on the fabric.
•Baby Bjorn also guarantees that the fabric is harmless to sensitive skin and will not trigger any allergies.
•Blue/White fabric is made from 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
•Gray Fabric is 100% Polyester
•Bottom and Mesh is 100% Polyester

Extremely Quick And Easy To Set Up

When I first started to look into this crib I didn’t believe how quick and easy it would actually be to set up.. It boasts that there is no pushing, pulling, no locks or rails I even read that people didn’t have to read the instructions to set this up??  What something that is made for Babies easy to set up??
It wasn’t until I searched though You-Tube and found this that I really believed it.

Now that is quick… 21 Seconds WOW!! That’s one less worry when it comes to traveling with your baby or going to your families place for the evening!

Size, Comfort And Keeping Clean

Being easy to set up and the safety aspects aren’t the only good things about this crib.
Baby Bjorn crib is light weight only weighing 11.7 pounds and this includes the carrying case. Making it easy to carry at home, around the house, packing into car and traveling.

Dimensions  –

Mattress – 24x41x1.6 inches or 60cm x 105cm x4cm
Inside, Bottom – 32x44x24 inches or 82cm x112cm x 60cm
Folded – 19x24x6 inches or 60cm x 49cm x 14cm

The mattress is soft and thick for your child’s comfort and unlike a lot of other portacots on the market there is no bars under-neath the mattress to hinder your babies sleep and comfort.
The mattress is also insulated and comes with a waterproof, breathable mattress cover for those accidental nappy leaks.Baby Bjorn travel Crib Light White

The Mattress cover and fabric are all removable and machine washable in gentle washing detergent so makes another task that much easier.
States on the website not to tumble dry cover or outer shell.

Age and warranty?

The travel crib is designed to be used from ages 0-3 years so lots of use can be used from this one item.
Warranty 2 years.

Any Complaints?

There are a couple –

Doesn’t come with a cot sheet.. These can be purchased at an additional price but I have read other comments stating that people have been using their own fitted cot sheets.
Have to check it as luggage on a plane as too big for overhead storageBaby Bjorn Fitted Sheet
It’s a mini crib and babies or toddlers that are extra tall might not fit.. But I’ve seen that it can be used up to about 40 inches.
Price – unfortunately in this world you pay for what you get. If you want quality you generally have to pay more for it and this is a crib that you can potentially use over and over for 3 years.

What Are Others Saying?

It’s all good basically – Amazon customers give it a 4.7 out of 5 this is out of 190 customer reviews and only 9 people rate it 3 or less stars!

“This travel crib is amazing! We tried setting up a pack-n-play, what a fiasco. The baby was screaming because he was so tired and I just couldn’t move fast enough setting the dumb thing up. The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib on the other hand sets up in under 10 seconds – really. I was absolutely amazed. It took very few brain cells to set up – like maybe 11 🙂 or in other works it’s extremely simple to set up. I’ll admit it, I didn’t even look at the instructions because it’s so intuitive. Try that with a pack-n-play that needs certain parts clicked in before others, etc.”

“The BabyBjorn travel bed is exactly what it should be—easy to pack, truly portable, easy to set up, safe and comfortable. It fits easily into a small car for the trip and into a closet or under a bed at home. The wide base makes it very sturdy and it assembles with basically one movement. Our daughter sleeps very well in it.
Our pack n play takes a full 15 minutes to disassemble and it weighs so much the bag has WHEELS. This means that going and coming it takes one adult’s full attention to wrangle. We bought this heavy item to serve as a changing table and secondary crib, not to take along anywhere.
The Baby Bjorn may seem expensive, but the ease it will provide for your travel, and thus a fun time versus a period of anxious hassle, is well worth it.”

Read More Here

Toys R Us customers average rating is a 5 out of 5 out of 50 reviews.

“This was as easy to use as the video claims. It took seconds to set up and we were able to use a regular crib sheet on it. It was easy to fit in our small trunk, too. Our baby took to it immediately and slept well in it during our time vacation. I definitely recommend it!”

Read More Here

Cost And Where You Can Purchase…

The RRP on this cot is $279.95 but I have seen it cheapest at Amazon at $234.99 for blue travel cot and $249 for white travel cot both with free shipping deals in U.S.

Some other websites you can purchase from are Toys R Us , Target , BuyBuyBaby all at $279.95.

BabyBjorn Website

Any comments or questions most welcome and feel free to share your experiences if you own one of these.

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