So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

BabyBjorn BabySitter BouncerI’ve had quite a bit of interest in the review Baby Bjorn BabySitter Balance for reflux… So I thought why not do a top 5 things that helped me…

From what I have read most if not all babies spit up and it’s usually perfectly OK but if you are like me and your wee one has reflux here’s I what I found helped me and still does. Jack has reflux very occasionally now.

Here’s my top 5 things I did that helped..

1. Bouncer  – This really helped us as after each feeding I would place him in the bouncer in an upright position for 15-30 minutes… Think the gravity helped to hold it down? I don’t own the Baby Bjorn but you can read what others have said in my review.

2.Small, frequent feeding and burping frequently instead of waiting till end of feed.

3. Elevating bassinet slightly – We were going to buy a sleep wedge but decided against it as reflux wasn’t that bad. Instead we lifted up one end of our bassinet with two large books the Guinness book of records x2. Just don’t trip over it.Reflux

4. We worked out a pattern so that Jack’s last bottle was at least an hour before night bed time.. This has now changed and he is now having one right before bed but his reflux just comes and goes and reflux doesn’t affect him as much anymore.

5. Trying a different way to burp.. In the end I ended up having Jack over my shoulder so that his stomach was pressed against my shoulder… Don’t know quite why this worked.. I read it on a forum somewhere..

Now I’m not a doctor or a medical professional… I’m a parent… So please seek medical advice for anything you are unsure about concerning your baby. Better to be safe than sorry…

Love comments or questions.. Please feel free to add what helped you if your child had/has reflux.

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