So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

Jack NewbornAs I have said in previous posts I was clueless when I was pregnant on what I actually needed… I was given loads of stuff and people kept saying to me so what else do you need???
I would then mutter I don’t know or I think we have everything…
But we didn’t so for others out there that are clueless like I was and don’t want to admit it here’s what I recommend.

1. Rear facing car seat –Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat Click for more details

We have a did have that organized to some extent…You can’t leave a hospital without one not that you would want too.
We brought a Britax Infant Car Seat before Jack was born which sat in our spare room until the day he was due to come home…
At the hospital we installed it… And got frustrated that we were having difficulty..
I wouldn’t recommend you do this..
Do it before hand for your sanity and get it checked by an expert in your country..
From what I have read many countries do this for free. Contact your local transport authority for more details.

2.Baby Cot or bassinet –

We were told by many people, that his cot would be fine… I wasn’t so sure, so we brought a bassinet before he was born.

I’m so glad we did he looked way to small in that let lone being in a cot!

Our Bassinet  was also put up the day we got home… Not Ideal!! I remember Jack being asleep on the couch, it was hot, we were both tired and we couldn’t get this thing up! DO it before hand!

But in saying that the bassinet we owned was fantastic – about waist height and easy to move around from room to room, as it had wheels attached. It was lightweight enough for me and Jack’s Dad to take from the lounge room to the bedroom. Perfect didn’t wake him up…

3. Nappies and at least a few packets –

Real Nappies Cloth Diapers Click for more informationNow it’s up to you if you decide to go with disposable nappies or cloth type nappies…
I was given both thankfully and preferred when Jack was a newborn to have the disposables on him and now that he is older I alternate between cloth and disposable.

I would also recommend having a few packets as you may not want to leave the house for a few days after you have brought your wee one home…

Also look at weight limits on the nappy packet and buy a few of the new-born ones as well as the next size up just to be sure, babies come in all different shapes and sizes.

4. Stroller, travel system, pram –

I have said in previous posts that I own two strollers.
One we brought second-hand and thought it would be ideal..
Nope unfortunately Jack was too small for it so we ended up having to buy a brand new stroller that he is now growing out of. Do your homework on this before hand travel systems are fantastic.
Having a stroller was a must for us… After the first week of being at home I wanted to get out and be as normal as I could with a newborn..
Stroller was great for this and Jack also loves it as well. Gives him new sights and sounds to experience which I believe has helped him with his development.

5. All-in-ones, bodysuits are a must I still use these now…

I know it’s cute to have your wee one dressed in pants, dresses and baby outfits but to be honest I now only do this if we are going somewhere special. I have now brought loads of all in Bodysuits click for more informationones – winter ones, short-sleeved ones with no legs etc… You get the picture… Why?
It’s just easier and anything that’s easier to start with has to be a good thing… Plus they are only babies for so long.. They will be in pants and dresses for many more years than they will be in all-in-ones.

Comments are most welcome or share your must have’s for those parents who don’t know like I didn’t know. You can also email me at

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