So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

I feel only the slightest skerrick of shame in admitting that my daughter Elspeth is, and always has been, sustained primarily by pre-prepared, shop-bought baby foods. This never really seemed a problem. After all, I read the ingredients to be sure that there are no nasty chemicals and that it’s all healthy, full of vegetables and so on.

However as she rapidly approaches her second birthday, it is becoming embarrassing to admit that her favourite meals are still those intended for 7-9 month old babies. More humiliating still is that I have done very little to try to change this, perhaps assuming it would happen naturally in time. On the few occasions I have offered her a meal of my own creation, she has refused it. Obviously she doesn’t like my cooking, said I, and stuck to the store-bought stuff.

Needless to say, I was wrong. I have since read that it can take around twelve tries with a new food before a toddler will consent to eat it. Even that knowledge didn’t help me much, though – what a waste of food! Preparing eleven meals which would not be eaten, as opposed to simply giving her something I knew she would eat? Bring on the pre-jarred mush!  And so it simply became ingrained, a habit I was too lazy to break.

There are countless websites and recipe books out there dedicated specifically to the creation of toddler-friendly foods. I even own a few of the books. But I started too late, and tried too infrequently, to introduce her to home-cooked meals. Getting her to eat proper dinners is becoming a losing battle, but my determination grows ever stronger and I shall overcome. Eventually.

And so I do solemnly swear that I will not repeat my mistake with child number two, due in September. She will eat homemade food from the very beginning, and like it!

This Guest Post by Stace from General Happenings.

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  1. Thanks Stace for being my first Guest Blogger. I know now to keep at it with Jack, feeding my foods and not the store brought ones he prefers!

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