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BabyBjorn BabySitter BouncerI remember reading forums, web-pages and books on what to expect once our baby had arrived.
I thought I was prepared… I was ready….I knew it would be different….
Little did I know just how life changing it would actually be. Not that I would trade Jack for the world… Life’s just different now very different.

Sleepless nights, feeding, changing, keeping him or her entertained is a 24 hour job let alone if your baby has other needs like colic or reflux. And housework, cooking tea.. Forget it!!
This review on a bouncer could make your life that bit easier, give you back some sanity and put some normality back into your life…


When I first got pregnant my lovely in-laws brought me a baby bouncer. It has been an awesome seat to have and has helped when Jack had Reflux. The downside is that it is very difficult to change positions and doesn’t fold down to take with us…
If our bouncer hadn’t been brought for us I would have brought one of these infant bouncers instead, here’s why…


BabyBjorn is a family company based in Sweden and have been around since 1961 they are all about quality, safety and style.
BabyBjorn works with a network of international pediatricians and midwives to make sure what they are producing is actually beneficial for our children.BabyBjorn BabySitter Cozy Cover
pediatricians recommend this bouncer, as helps your baby with mental development, helps your baby learn balance skills and offers physical support as the fabric these seats are made from mould around your baby protecting their neck, back and displaying their weight evenly in the bouncer.

Some of what the experts are saying –

It stimulates the Vestibular System… The What????
It’s the fluid in the ear canals to help sence motion and different positions, it’s liked being rocked by a parent therefore soothing for your baby.

May help soothe a baby with colic as the motion is much smoother and less mechanical than a battery operated bouncer.

May help babies learn to sleep better!! ( that’s got to be a good thing ). Caused by the natural movement of your baby moving. It soothes them to sleep and stops moving once they are asleep. Which means that it stops your baby being accustomed to having constant moving whilst sleeping.

You can read more on what the experts are saying here.


As I said at the start Jack had a mild case of reflux and had trouble sleeping because of it. So we ended up using our bouncer after each feed and it helped.
BUT we couldn’t change positions once he was in there especially if he was asleep…  If we did change a position it would either wake him up or it wouldn’t actually change to the position we needed.
I ended up having it set to one position and leaving it like that.

The BabyBjorn Babysitter bouncer has three positions that can be locked. These are meant to be very easy to change and from reviews I have read customers agree with this statement.

Play – Sitting position – Weight limit of approx 28 pounds
Rest – Half way – Weight limit of approx 22 pounds
Sleep – Reclined – Weight limit of approx 15 pounds


The infant bouncer I own did help to give back some of our normality… At home anyway as we couldn’t take it out with us.. Didn’t fold down.BabyBjorn Toy For BabySitter Balance Bouncer
The BabySitter bouncer does.
It folds down flat, locks with a safety catch in this position making it easy for transporting. Once more it is light weight. Which makes it perfect to take out with you if your going to some one’s house or family day at the park.

Also the seat can be easily moved around the house so that you are in constant view of your baby when doing housework, tea, showering giving you that smidgen of normality back…


The company BabyBjorn prides itself on making sure the products they sell are safe.
The seat itself is recommended to be used from newborn/8 pounds up to the age of 2/29 pounds.

There is a child restraint that is used to hold your baby in the seat until they are able to sit themselves then the restraint can be removed and the seat doubles as a rocker for your child.

There are anti-skid pads, front and back to stop the chair moving plus also doubling to stop any damage to your floors.

The fabric is made to be washable, durable and soft to your baby’s skin. It is also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 certified. Which is an international safety standard for textiles, no health-hazardous substances so ok for your little one to chew or suck on when teething strikes.
Plastic BPA free.


In the BabyBjorn BabySitter range there are 8 styles and colors to choose from.
5 of these bouncers are the same but just different colors – All 5 are made from 100% heavyweight cotton that is reversible.

Dark Blue /Blue

These all have different price tags depending on what color you want there is no other difference.

Next 2 are made from a soft breathable mesh fabric that keeps your child cool and comfortable, ideal for warmer climates.

Air BlackInfant Bouncer
Air White

Again there is price variants depending on what color you choose.

Prices for these 7 bouncers range from $122 up to $165.

Last bouncer is


Which is made from 100% organically grown cotton which meets the global organic textile standards.
This seat is about $155.


From the customer comments I have read it’s mostly all good. Amazon customers give it a 4.6 out of 5 with 90 reviews, 69 are 5 out of 5 and only 6 people rate this infant bouncer 3 or less.

Some of what they are saying –

– This product has really helped me get things done around the house  Normality
– Great seat and great for infant reflux
– The most upright position is sooo upright, he just loves to have conversations and kick his legs in it
– I’m extremely picky but I love this bouncer
– This thing saved our lives, buy the wooden toy my baby loves it!!

Main complaint is the price –
Customer review –
• My only complaint is the steep price and the Amazon price I paid was significantly less than what it is listed in other stores.
• But I still think that the seat is good value – Can be used for 2 years, no batteries required and actual cost over that two-year period is .22c per day @ $165 purchase price. Not too high a price to pay I reckon for possibly getting some sanity back and some normality…


Many places online sell these bouncers. You can actually go to BabyBjorn website put in your closest city and they will tell you where you can purchase one from.
Amazon from what I have seen are one of the cheapest as well as free shipping options to America.

Feedback and comments welcome or email me at

Comments on: "A Sanity Review on BabyBjorn BabySitter Balance…" (2)

  1. […] position for 15-30 minutes… Think the gravity helped to hold it down? I don’t own the Baby Bjorn but you can read what others have said in my […]

  2. The BabyBjorn bouncer is definitely worth the money because it is a really high quality product. But because of that I suggest you freely buy a second-hand bouncer. My BabyBjorn Bouncer is over 10 years old and has “serviced :)” over 5 kids and still looks amazing and other than a slight tear due to improper handling doesn’t have a single problem.

    Also and possibly even more importantly… not every kid loves it. My first born refused to be put into it while my second child loves it. She can spend nearly 2 hours per day in it (not at once ofcourse :D). So please, try it out first… or slowly and gradually make your kid like it.

    A nice review, will be dropping by soon again 🙂

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