So many choices out there it can be rather confusing… Here's what I've found out so far…

Britax Booster SeatIt’s time to review a few car seats as my son Jack will soon need the next size up. He’s growing up way too fast.
Jack’s currently in a Britax rear facing seat for infants so I thought why not stick with what I know.
But I also wanted to make sure that I have done my homework too.
I need value for money as well as protecting him and trying to find the best car seat out there.
On my search I have come across the Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Car Seat. Jack’s not quite ready for the Britax Frontier yet but I liked what I have read so wanted to share by writing a review for you.


If you’re like me, your thoughts are constantly running though you’re head on how you can keep your child from harm.
And I know car crashes are something you don’t like to think about, me neither but unfortunately it is something that can occur and scary statics show that vehicle crashes are the number 1 cause of death in children under the age of 14!!!
From what I have read about the Britax Frontier 85 this car seat could possibly limit one of your worries which is got to be good for you and I.
So here are some of the seats safety features.

• 5 point safety harness

Unlike a lot of car seats this particular Britax Frontier model has a five point harness system, which attaches at the shoulders, the hips and between the legs.
Since the straps sit very snugly against the bony parts of your child’s body, in the vent of a crash the properly tightened harness is already holding your child and immediately restrains them. This then spreads the force out across the strong bones of his or her body.
Making this ideal as there is nothing for a child to suddenly hit.
Watch this You Tube Video for a demonstration –

Passenger safety experts agree that the five point harness is the safest restraint to use for a child – it provides the snuggest fit and is able to be used for a wide range of children.
If the 5 point harness system is used for race car drivers and fighter pilots then it’s got to be good for our children.

• True Side Impact

As your child sits in this car seat he or she is protected from a front, rear and side impact.
Which according to Britax 1 in 4 crashes are from the side.
So what does this actually mean and how does our children benefit from this?
There are four key things –
– Distributes crash force
– Shields your child from vehicle intrusion
– Contains the head and body
– Minimizes side to side head movement.
It does this by having a lined shell with an absorbing foam, head restraint also having absorbing foam which keeps your child’s head and chest protected.

• Two point Versa-Tether Strap

Now I was rather confused when I read about the Patented Versa-Tether and it took me awhile to figure out what this meant.
What it is, is a strap that is attached to two points of the Britax Booster Seat at the top which then has a hook on the strap that attaches to the anchor of your vehicle.
With having the strap attached at two points to the car seat, it minimizes movement in the event of a crash and helps to slow down the force.
This system can reduce the distance that your child’s head moves forward, by 4 to 6 inches!!
See what I mean here.
The strap also has a series of loops that are released in an event of a crash which helps your child by slowing him or her down instead of coming to an abrupt halt.
The system does this by distributing the crash force over the entire car seat.
Now that does sound good to me!


As I said at the start I also want value for my money.
There are so many seats out there that it is hard to decide but I think the Frontier 85  is hard to beat here’s why –

– This seat has two modes
– 5 point harness system from the age of two up to the weight of 85 pounds ( average child at 85 pounds is 8 or older.
It then converts into a booster seat with a weight capacity of 120 pounds… WOW.
Experts think that it is better to keep a child in a car/booster seat for as long as possible.
Height of your child in the harness mode is 30-57 inches and in the booster mode 42-65 inches.
If your like me and don’t know what ages this equates to click HERE.
Now the actual cost of the seat varies in price the Britax website states that the RRP is $279.99 but I’ve seen them on Amazon for $208.99 with shipping deals as well to the U.S.

So is there anything else you should know?

The Britax Frontier Booster Seat  in harness mode is certified for air travel, which is great if you travel a fair bit.
Seat is suited to most modern-day vehicles.
Ideal for grandparents, parents, caregivers.
There is a quick adjust for the head restraint easily done with one hand.
Quick adjustment of the height of the harness straps without having to detach the harness from the car seat which is great as it makes a much better chance that the car seat is being used correctly.
Limited 1 year warranty
Has a soft hard-wearing material that covers the shell, states that it is easy to come off car/booster seat and wash.Britax Booster Seat Click for more information
Provides your child with natural arm rests and even has a dual cup holder for water bottles and snack containers.
Comes in few colours/patterns including Rushmore , Red Rock , Canyon and Sky Pink.


1 Britax Frontier 85 Combination Booster Seat and the most important thing a manual.

What are others saying and where can I get one?

It’s important to know what other people are thinking when it comes to a purchase like this. Amazon’s customer reviews give this a 4.7 out of 5.
Some of the things customers are saying –
→ I will never buy any other brand of car seat it is the best car seat.
→ Good quality though and though.
→ We’ve been using this seat for several weeks now  and love it!! Easy to install.
→ My toddler seems comfortable in it judging by the way he sleeps in it!!

I have read though much of the feedback and see that there is one complaint standing out which is that the car seat can be hard to install… Britax has a video installation guide to help with this.
You can also see reviews on the Britax website.
You can purchase possibly many places but as I have said Amazon sells them here with shipping deals in the U.S.

NHTSA gives this car seat a 4 out of 5 for easy installation.

I’d love to hear any feedback you have feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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